April 24, 2024

A dab rig is a great alternative to traditional smoking methods. It allows you to hit concentrates at the optimal temperature for a smooth, flavorful high.

Typically made of glass, they can come in many shapes and sizes. If you want a more environmentally friendly option, look for a recycler dab rig.

Heat the Nail

A dab rig’s nail (a “dome”) is the removable surface that concentrates drops onto to vaporize. The nail is usually made from ceramic, quartz, or titanium to withstand the high temperatures needed to heat a dab properly. Some dab rigs also come equipped with a banger, a flat-bottomed container that’s easier to drop dab into.

You will need a torch to heat the nail and a dabber tool — a sturdy and comfortable-to-hold accessory designed to scoop up and apply your chosen concentrate. A carb cap will also be necessary to prevent vapor from escaping and to maintain a consistent temperature.

Before you heat your nail, ensure your rig’s water level is at its sweet spot. It should be high enough to bubble but not so high that it begins to spill out the mouthpiece.

Fill the Chamber

A dab rig features a mouthpiece and chamber. The chamber is filled with water for improved filtration and smoother hits.

The best dab rigs also feature a right-angle stem called a “joint” that channels vapor safely from the nail (where you place your concentrates) to the rig’s base. The vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

To use your dab rig, apply wax or oil to the nail with a dabber tool (a small metal spoon used for dosing dabs). Then, place the carb cap — an accessory for regulating airflow around the nail — over the nail. You can swivel the carb cap to change the airflow direction to maximize potency and flavor. You can also apply a dab of wax or oil to the carb cap to inhale directly.


Dabbing is a popular method of consuming THC concentrates among cannabis enthusiasts. The process produces a clear and powerful high with a single hit. If you’re considering incorporating a dab rig into your smoking routine, here are some things to remember.

First, finding a durable rig made with borosilicate glass is important. This sturdy type of glass can withstand heat and will not seep unwanted flavors into your dabs. Silicone will also work in a pinch, but it tends to alter the flavor of the extracts and isn’t as easy to clean.

You will also need a nail or banger to insert your concentrates. Traditional nails need to be heated with a blow torch and e-nails that are hooked up to an electronic source that digitally maintains a set temperature.

Remove the Dome

As with a bong, the vapor from concentrates passes through the base of the dab rig and into the mouthpiece. This allows users to inhale the vapor, much like smoking dried herb.

Dabbing can be messy, so many users invest in a dab mat. The primary purpose of a dab mat is to prevent dripping concentrate residue from contacting surfaces that may damage the dab rig or its accessories.

Keeping a clean dab rig is essential to an enjoyable session. The best way to do this is to soak any components that require vinegar. The process is simple and quick, but soaking can leave residue in the corners and crevices of accessories. For this reason, it is often better to clean accessories separately.


Dabbing is placing a small amount of concentrate, a potent liquid form of specific major cannabinoids from cannabis plants, onto your dab nail to vaporize. Concentrates come in wax, oil, and liquid forms.

Keeping your rig clean is important to ensure that you aren’t inhaling old water, germs, or anything else that may make the flavor of your dabs less than ideal. Your rig should be cleaned after every use.

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