April 13, 2024
Complete process for Canada Business visa for Pakistan in 2024

The last update on the Canadian business visa was in January 2022, I can provide you with some general updates on the process of getting a Canadian business visa for Pakistanis. Please note that immigration policies and methods can change, so it is very crucial to check the latest updates on the official website for IRCC or you can consult with a qualified immigration consultant for the latest updates and details. The previous update on the Canadian business visa is referred to business visitor visa.


Canada is an attractive and beautiful place for Pakistani people and business professionals, who want to explore opportunities and set up their own business in Canada. The Canadian business visa allows the applicant to engage in business-related activities in Canada for a short-term period. Some of the main points for getting a business visa in Canada for Pakistani applicants in 2024 are as under:

Find eligibility:

Before starting the process, it is important to make sure that you meet all the requirements required for a business visa designed by the Canadian government. Business visitors are mostly individuals who anticipate being part of international business activities without directly entering the Canadian labor market. Some activities include attending conferences, and meetings, and conveying business agreements.

Collect the required documents:

If your eligibility is confirmed, gather the required documents for the application for a Canadian business visa. The documents may include your passport, proof of employment in Pakistan, proof of ownership of property in Pakistan, a letter of invitation from the Canadian organization, and supporting documents that demonstrate the purpose and duration of your visit to Canada.

Complete the application form:

You can visit the official website of IRCC and complete the Canadian business visa application form. Please make sure you are providing correct and complete information while submitting the application form. Make sure that all the details are correct and matched with the documents you have submitted. Before paying the application fee, check the latest fee schedule for the Canadian business visa.


Biometrics is the part of Canadian business visa application process. An applicant may need to provide fingerprints and photographs.

Medical examination:

A medical examination is required for processing a Canadian business visa application. It confirms that the applicant is medically fit.

Submit your application:

After completing all the requirements and documentation, the applicant is now ready to submit his/her application along with all the documents required for a Canadian business visa application in the appropriate visa office. Applicant may submit the application online but make sure the applicant follows all the instructions provided by IRCC. The applicant needs to pay attention to the processing time because it can vary.

Wait for visa processing:

The processing time for a business visa in Canada can vary, so it is essential to apply in advance of your planned travel dates. The applicant can also check the status of his/her application online by using the reference number provided on the submission of the application.

Receive the decision:

When your application is processed, you will receive the decision. If your application is approved, your passport will be stamped with a business visitor visa. Canada will allow you to enter Canada for a specified time period. If your visa application is rejected, the reasons for rejection will be communicated.

Travel to Canada:

After a successful application approval, now you can plan to travel to Canada. Ensure that you have all the required documents, including your Canadian business visa stamped passport and be ready to present them at the airport for entry.


Getting a Canadian business visa for Pakistanis in 2024 involves careful preparations, adherence to eligibility criteria, and timely submission of the correct required documents. Keep an eye on the updates or changes in the immigration process and policies to ensure a smooth application process. For personal guidance consult with an immigration consultant or visit the IRCC website for the latest updates and changes.

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