July 12, 2024

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From last year vaping has gained a lot of popularity among smokers and became an attraction for many newcomers. Before we discuss further we all know that many studies have shown the difference between smoking and vaping. But here we will talk about the potential benefits vaping has if you are looking to quit smoking. In this blog we will discuss some of the effective ways how vaping helps one to quit smoking.

Systematic functionality of electronic Cigarettes:

Main function of vaping consists of inhaling nicotine vapor rather than smoke. Vape does not burn tobacco substances as burning may cause harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar which not only damage the environment around you but affect your health as well. While vaping a vapor is produced through heating liquid or juice. Juice are also known as flavored liquids which consist of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring.

Now here question arises that does vaping help you to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes:

According to recent studies in UK 2023 thousands of people have quit smoking with the help of e-cigarette as these became a support system for them in contrast to those who used patches or bubble gum to reduce their smoking desire.

Another benefit what e-liquid vaping offers is that you can minimize or control your nicotine cravings as per your need. Make sure to use proper nicotine strength to utilize your vape device on its fullness.

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 Some of the basic difference between vaping and smoking:

 When cigarettes burn it releases hundreds of variant harmful chemicals in the surrounding which all consist of toxic and dangerous gasses. These toxic gases can cause many heart diseases including lung diseases, cardic diseases and stroke. Can lead to some serious damages in futures.

Where as in contrast to tobacco smoking, vaping doesnot produce any smoke nor it produce tar or carbon monoxide. It only heats the liquid which produce vapor.

The person itself can damage his health and surroundings as well while smoking a tobacco cigarette. However vaping doesnot produce harmful components for surroundings or for consumer it self.

Advantages of vaping while quiting smoking:

  • A replacement theory for nicotine: smoking a cigrattes takes a nicotine directly to your body which is hard for many people to stop smoking. Where as vaping allows smokers to satisfy there nicotine craving where they can limitize it.
  • When you want to quit smoking you may need an alternative which patches and gums are less worthy and doesnot support your craving fully. Where as vaping gives you alot of help to satisfy your nicotine desire and intake.
  • Traditional smoker has a strong smell and can last in clothes, hairs , car and in air for long time. Where as vaping release a more pleasant and sweet odor which not only attracts your surrounding but also helpful while you interact  with others.
  • Smoking is an expensive habit , as we all known that cigarettes are increasing prices steadily. Where as once you purchase vaping device all you need is to purchase e-liquid in pod vapes or vape accessories which are cheaper in long run. Juul 2 pods and juul pods uae are quit cheaper and affordable in contrast to tobacco cigarettes.

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