July 22, 2024

Authentication by facial recognition concept. Biometric. Security system.

As the world is relying on modern technology, artificial intelligence is also progressing day by day to ensure customer safety. Now, everyone knows about modern technology and they are implementing it in their platforms. If people are getting advantages of this technology then, scammers are trying their best to trick them with their new plans. To save businesses from these scammers it is necessary to utilize such technology that will answer them in the way they are deceiving people. AI came into this world a few years ago, but now people are more dependent on this for their daily tasks.

Moreover, due to different pandemics, everything has gone online for the last few years. If everything is going online the risk for increasing digital identity thefts is also increasing. It is recorded that in the recent era, 68% of people are far more scared of identity theft than they were a few years ago. The world is in dire need of advanced AI face recognition technology that ensures that businesses will receive authentic customers. This blog will discuss how digital face recognition technology is securing the lives of people from scammers.

Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is the process of verifying someone from their facial features. Through this feature, no one can scam the organization. Moreover, the workers in that particular organization feel themselves in a secure place.

Traditional ways of Verification

Biometric face recognition is necessary for an organization as scanning cards and fingerprints take a lot of time and are not secure. People mostly get into organizations by utilizing someone else’s card and this results in the failure of the security system. To save the company’s security system tagged as a failure it is necessary to utilize face recognition services. In most universities, there are barriers in front of students that open up right after the student scans the card. 

This thing is too time-consuming as the guards have to check the cards after scanning to eliminate the risks of a stranger coming to their place. Through a card scanning system, the companies never know who is getting access to their place. Another traditional way of verifying the students is noting down their names on the register. That register is utilized as an attendance register in which the guard notes down the names, roll numbers, and the time when the student enters from the gate but this thing took double effort and time. 

Advanced Face Recognition Services

Modern AI technology has taken the place of old scanning methods:

  • Effective System

Facial recognition scanner is easy to utilize and it has no extra buttons which will confuse the user. Through this technology, the user can get fast access to their workplaces. This process is not time-consuming. Moment the user shows his face into the system, the organization gets notified of the entrance of the particular person and the gates open instantly.

  • Secure Organization

Through facial identifiers, the company gate will only give access to the ones whose names are stored in the list. Anyone else can never get entry through the gate. If a suspicious person tries to enter through the gates the system will automatically generate a notification on the screen that the name is not stored in the list and they need to stop trying again and again.

  • Automated Face Recognition Solution

The system has AI algorithms that make it fast and free of human errors. For AI face recognition solutions there is no need for any human to start the system. Through these systems, organizations can make themselves secure with less effort, time, and money.

  • On-Premises Solution

Ai face recognition works as an on-premises solution, by taking complete care of their user’s privacy. For instance, if an organization utilizes an AI face identifier and stores the facial features of its workers in it. Then it will only be shared with the organization to whom the worker has given consent. Otherwise, anyone else is not going to be entertained with this facility. The worker can feel more safe and secure with the face identification online

How Does It Work?

Ai identifier seems a difficult process but it is more easier than noting down the names on the register. It works with the given information from the organization. The organizations don’t have to store the information again and again, they just have to give it to the system for once.  For instance, if workers have joined the office and the days on which they have to come to that place are from Tuesday to Friday. The organization sets in the system that the workers have to come on these days and this is the time of their entrance. After this process, the system worked on the given information. It verifies the worker’s facial features and opens up the gate only on Tuesday to Friday. If the worker came on Monday then the system will not open up the gates for the workers.


If an organization is using AI facial identifiers then there are fewer chances of corruption and strangers coming to their place. Moreover, this technology is more safe and secure than manual systems. It is way faster and more effective than the traditional ways of verifying the workers in the workplace. 

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