April 24, 2024

The Staff Selection Commission board conducts the SSC CGL exam to recruit candidates for various posts in the government sector. Such as offices, departments, and corporations under the government of India. The candidate must have a graduation degree from a recognized college or university to apply for the test. However one should have knowledge about Mathematics, economics, and statistics to clear the SSC SGL exam.

There is no doubt that preparation for any competitive exam is a long-term process. Therefore, it is most important to get into the right mindset just before the examination. This is because your last week’s preparation has a great influence on your exam. Well, this article will provide you with some result-oriented tips and tricks for the last week’s preparation for the exam.

Are you applying for the SSC CGL 2023? If yes, then reading the below suggestions without skipping a single point will aid you in acing the exam in one week.

List of some result-oriented tips for the preparation of the SSC CGL exam:

Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy in solving exam has a great impact on the results. So to enhance speed, the test taker has to solve at least ten mock tests daily. In addition, set a timer to solve puzzles within the allotted amount of time. It will let you assess how quickly you answer exam questions. Note the section, that takes more time and solves it at the end of the exam, to prevent time constraints. This practice will assist you to utilise your time effectively. Furthermore, maintaining accuracy is also crucial to getting an incredible rank on the exam. You will learn several problem-solving strategies by working through everyday challenges.

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Revision is a Must

The important subjects you previously learned are almost useless if they haven’t been updated comprehensively. The review will help you commit what you’ve learned to memory from several months ago. Review the important math formulas, paying particular attention to the complex math concepts. Review the quick tips for ratio and proportion, mixture and allegation, time and distance, profit and loss, and so on.

Stay Confident

Having a positive attitude is a significant tool to clear an exam on the first try. This is because your reaction has a great impact on your performance on the examination. Moreover, if you lose confidence you will be unable to perform well on the test. Because a stressed and anxious body cannot perform well on the exam. So to achieve a stress-free mind, you can practice mind-relaxing techniques. Also, read the success stories of the personalities to get motivation from them.

Time Management

Time management is the key milestone to succeed in any exam. So, you have to organize your time in an effective manner. For more, do not spend more than five minutes on a single question. The candidate must have a solid approach to solving problems in the exam so that he or she can utilize every single minute of the time. Follow the below indicative strategies as per your strengths and weaknesses:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes on the reasoning section.
  • Set the next 10 minutes for the GK section.
  • You should spend 8-10 minutes on the English language.
  • To solve the mathematics calculations, set 20-30 minutes.
  • Leave the last five minutes to review your answers.

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Follow the Mind Relaxation Techniques

Don’t focus too much on how difficult the test is. The exam is not simply for you if the difficulty level is high. Normalization is currently a part of the SSC CGL recruitment process. Thus, remain composed throughout the test and maximize your opportunities. To help you lower your stress levels, make sure you slept enough during the past week. Practice yoga or meditation to quiet your mind during the past week.

To avail of the wonderful rank on the exam, you should have enough knowledge. For this, you have to find the best book for ssc cgl that offers quality teaching tricks to crack the SSC exam.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the aforementioned tricks will help you a lot to clear the exam on the first attempt. Most importantly, your dedication and hard work play a great role in your preparation process.  Also, taking care of your health is more important to improve your productivity.

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