July 12, 2024

Star Swim Schools Cranbourne and Clyde are unrivaled in their field, providing an exquisite environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to learn and master swimming. As one of Australia’s premier swimming clubs, Swimming classes Clyde North offer adults and kids alike an enriching learning environment in which to become master swimmers. As one of Australia’s registered swim school networks they also empower their registered swim school network by providing world leading practice guidelines, professional development programs, growth opportunities and business support services.

Swimming Lessons

  • Swimming is an invaluable life skill that will teach your children to navigate water safely, as well as prepare them for healthy activities for life. 
  • Our programs are carefully tailored by experts to support and guide children’s journey as they gain the skill.
  • At our year-round swim school, we offer classes to meet your child’s individual needs. 
  • With small class sizes and expert instruction from certified teachers, your child will get the very best education. 
  • Plus, our free assessments allow us to determine which program will be most beneficial to them!

Water Safety Training

Parents and caregivers can take advantage of our variety of training courses designed to teach children water safety, such as our Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers online course that introduces swimming principles as well as water safety principles.

We advise having regular conversations with your children about staying safe around water and teaching them to ask permission and always be supervised by an adult when swimming or playing at home, friends’ houses or public pools and waterways. This is especially crucial as many drowning incidents happen when adults are unwittingly absent – for instance when parents leave children unattended at home while at work or shopping and suddenly something happens that drowning occurs.

Studies have demonstrated the power of education programs to significantly increase knowledge, attitudes and abilities related to water. Unfortunately, most of these studies were conducted among exercise and sports science students – thus restricting generalizability to other populations.

Adults Training

Our adult training services provide expert instruction that will enable you to learn to swim, develop existing skills or enhance existing ones, build confidence in the water and increase fitness. Our small group classes for adult beginners focus on teaching floatation skills, swimming in deep water and freestyle/breaststroke swimming techniques before progressing onto our Stroke Improvement class which helps maximize stroke efficiency and create strong swimming techniques.

Baby Swimming

Swimming is an invaluable life skill that should be acquired at any age; however, infants should begin learning to swim as soon as possible to prevent accidents around water environments as they grow older and ensure safety and wellbeing for themselves and those around them.

Babies as young as four months can begin learning how to swim through baby swimming lessons conducted all year-round (49 weeks out of 365). This provides consistent training that expedites progression through levels faster.

Swimming lessons Clyde North includes many opportunities for skin to skin contact between caregiver and infant to foster bonding and establish an important connection. It’s an ideal opportunity for bonding between you and your child that will last their entire lives! Swimming can also be enjoyed as an activity by all members of the family – helping reduce obesity rates and promote an active lifestyle!

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