July 21, 2024

Business registration is essential for entrepreneurs who want to establish a brand. Several factors can affect how easy it is to register a business.

Most customers stated that they are put off by unwanted emails and messages during and after the registration process. Make sure you provide value to your buyers during and after customer registration.

Create a User-Friendly Signup Page

Users expect that websites require them to register, but the registration process should be as user-friendly as possible. Visitors will only fill out forms if they think it’s worth their time and don’t want to waste their efforts by providing irrelevant information or dealing with annoying form fields.

For example, this signup page from Single Grain keeps the number of form fields minimum and uses a great microcopy that makes the signup process fun. This reduces the friction in the signup process and increases conversions.

It also avoids requiring a password or a username, reducing the steps needed to complete the form. It also groups the fields logically and doesn’t ask for unnecessary data like a credit card.

Don’t Ask Users to Put in Their Password Twice

So many registration forms ask users to put in their password twice because it is usually masked when they enter it, making it difficult to see if they have made any mistakes. However, this is an outdated practice, and there are better ways to verify that a user has yet to make a mistake.

One way is to let them unmask the password as they’re typing it, which makes it easier for them to double-check what they have written. Another way is to add a password strength meter, which helps guide users on creating a strong password that will be less likely to get hacked. This will give users confidence that they are working with a legitimate business and increase their commitment to finishing business registrations.

Make the Signup Process Convenient

Registration forms are crucial for a small business in many ways. For example, they provide an easy onboarding process for new customers, help you build your supporter base, and allow you to gather critical information to drive business decisions. With a few minor tweaks, registration forms for business name registration can be optimized to improve the customer experience and make the process more effective for both parties.

Start by removing all the fields that aren’t necessary for users to create an account or use your service. Then, group the remaining fields logically and display helpful messages or signs (like a green checkmark or x) to indicate the correct items. This helps users assess the effort required at each step and makes them more committed to finishing the form.

Add Conditional Logic Questions to Your Forms

Using conditional logic in your forms can improve the user experience and ensure that only relevant data is collected. For example, you can display different questions or sections based on respondent’s answers to a question or page.

You can easily add and edit conditional logic by clicking on the “Logic” tab in the form builder. To create a new logic rule, choose the question you want to use as the trigger for your condition and define the requirement that needs to be met for this page of the form to appear.

For example, if the question concerns skills, you can ask a follow-up question that directs users to either the glazing or the throwing class based on their answers. This ensures that each user’s registration process is customized and can help increase form completion rates.

Add a Requirements Checkbox

If your company requires certain information for signup, ensure this is clear to users in the form. You can do this by adding a checkbox that must be checked before the user can submit their form. You can even require that they read your Terms of Service or disclaimer before submitting.

Including helpful ways to guide customers through your registration process can drastically improve customer acquisition and retention numbers. It’s essential to consider your customers’ mindset as they fill out your form and reassure them of the value they stand to gain from signing up with your business. You can turn an otherwise mundane signup process into one your customers want to complete. This will translate to a better customer experience and, ultimately, increased revenue for your business.

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