June 24, 2024

If you’re a machinist, you must have the right tools to do the job. A caliper is an essential tool for measuring very precise dimensions of small pieces of metal.

You’ll also need a center punch, which is used to mark the location where a drill should target before drilling. A deburring tool is another must-have for removing rough edges from your workpieces.

Scientific Calculator

The first thing every machinist needs is a good scientific calculator. Look for one with a two-line display and lots of convenience functions. Some have a memory function that allows you to recall previous answers. This can make math a lot easier! It would help if you also got a machinist calculator with machining-specific keys, like surface feet per minute (SFPM), inch per tooth, and feeds and speeds for common materials.

A set of imperial and metric feeler gauges is another useful tool for a machinist. They help you measure small distances with great accuracy. You can also use them to calibrate your micrometers.

Another handy tool is a set of hex wrenches. These are important tools for tightening and loosening fasteners and screws with hex heads. These are available in many sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs. You’ll also need a toolbox to keep your quality tools safe. Look for a lockable one so your tools don’t get lost or stolen!

6’’ Scale Ruler

The scale ruler is a basic tool that’s used to read and convert scale measurements on blueprints, construction drawings, and land surveys. It’s also great for measuring physical objects such as tools, parts, and models.

Complexity is one of the biggest factors that impact the cost and lead time of CNC parts machining. CNC parts that are more complicated take longer to machine and require greater skill. To reduce complexity, engineers must carefully design their parts. They should ensure all surfaces are reachable by the cutting tool and avoid creating internal corners or undercuts.

Engineers must also consider the material’s properties. They must choose a material that’s strong enough, durable, affordable, and lightweight. Stainless steel is an excellent choice, as it’s corrosion-resistant and durable. However, it’s important to remember that 303 stainless steel contains sulfur, which can impact machinability. Alternatives to metal include nylon, which is stiff, flexible, impact-resistant, and chemical-resistant.

NC Viewer

An NC viewer is the unsung hero of CNC machining, acting as the bridge between digital designs and their physical realization. Whether used with specialized NC file viewing software or integrated CAD/CAM applications, viewing and analyzing g-code is invaluable for success in product design and mechanical engineering.

Whether you’re using a free, open-source online G-Code Editor or a more sophisticated software program an NC Viewer can help you verify that your code is correct before sending it to the machine. In addition, it can be useful for evaluating and optimizing your G-Code to improve performance and reduce machining time and tool wear.

Many NC viewers can also display a backplate of all the tools and their locations in part and give detailed information about each tool, such as code groups, modal commands, Cutter Compensation, and canned cycles. They can even identify tool changes by color.

Hand Machinist Tools

There aren’t many lists of tools that don’t include a hammer of some kind, and for good reason. Machinists use hammers to tap workpieces into place for fine adjustment, especially when seating parts in a vise before tightening them down hard.

A machinist’s square ensures accuracy when working with right angles. It can also ensure that a workpiece is positioned precisely before cutting.

An edge finder is a small handheld tool that helps to make precise cuts. It’s ergonomic, compact and easy to use. It’s an important piece of equipment for anyone who works with CNC mills.

A prick punch is another handy tool that makes marking the center of a hole on a workpiece easier. It’s a simple, efficient and cost-effective option. This set comes with a portable tools bag. It includes 17 pcs hand files, including 4 pcs 8” engineer files of flat, triangle, half-round, and round shapes, 12 pcs 4.2” precision needle files of square, round taper, equaling, warding and triangular shapes and one multi-functional brush for brushing bits and filing materials.

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